August 21, 2020

Charlamagne Says People Don't Like Kamala Harris Because She is a "Light-Skinned" A.K.A.

There is no doubt that Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris will gained much support from the Divine Nine. (The 9 Black College fraternities and sororities organizations.) Harris, a Howard University graduate, is a AKA, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

However there is a vocal portion of the African American community that is not in support of Kamala Harris. The Breakfast Club host Charlamagne tha god "speculated" the reason is because of the sorority she is a member of...however DJ Envy and guest Revolt TV's Eboni K. Williams disagreed. Quite passionately. (Eboni's Skee-Wee was pretty bad.)

Clearly Charlamagne that is not the issue. 

Sen. Harris may need to make a follow up appearance on The Breakfast Club now that she is the Vice Presidential nominee to address some issues that are not talked about in the mainstream news shows on MSNBC or CNN. (It's almost beyond mainstream [White] media's consciousness. Try talking to them about Frankie Beverly, Anita Baker, or spades. Blank stare.)

Here are some comments from YouTube:

The fact that they’re even trying to deflect & reduce the pushback against Harris to make it seem like some trivial “light-skin AKA sorority” issue is laughable and intellectually dishonest....

I love how Charlemagne tryna change the narrative.. Kamala being an AKA is not why A LOT of people(black people) don't like Kamala

This is called not using your platform for good.

It’s not because she’s an AKA we just don’t like her past record. Hell I have friends that are AKA’s that said they don’t want to vote for her because of her record...

She grew up in a indian house hold ate indian food

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