September 8, 2020

Premiere Networks Launches News Service from the Black Information Network to Stations Nationwide

Premiere Networks announced today the syndication of the national news service from the newly-launched BIN: Black Information Network – the first and only 24/7 national all news audio service dedicated exclusively to providing an objective, accurate and trusted source of news coverage with a Black voice and perspective.

Now available to stations nationwide, “Black Information Network News” features :60 newscasts at the top and bottom of the hour, as well as breaking news, from experienced and award-winning Black journalists, including Vanessa Tyler, Mike Stevens, Madelyne Woods, Morgyn Wood, Mike “Devin” Dunston, Tanita Myers and Julius White.


“Black Information Network News” launched yesterday, September 7, on nearly 20 stations across the country, including WVON-AM/Chicago; KMAZ-FM/Houston; KMOJ-FM/Minneapolis; WCCG-FM/Fayetteville; KJMG-FM/Monroe, LA; WJTT-FM/Chattanooga; WMPZ-FM/Chattanooga; WXAG-X1/Athens; WJMP-X1/Knoxville; KJMP-X1/Ft. Collins, CO; WPLB-X1/Plattsburgh, NY/Burlington, VT; KWBT-FM/Waco; WGOV-FM/Valdosta; WKTT-FM/Salisbury; KBZE-FM/Morgan City; KFXZ-FM/Lafayette and WGNL-FM/Greenwood.

“WVON is pleased to add the Black Information Network (BIN) as our national news source,” said Melody Spann Cooper, Chair and Executive Officer for Midway Broadcasting Corporation. “WVON’s 24-hour Black talk format is an important and impactful voice in the Chicago market, and BIN is the perfect complement to keep our vibrant local community aware of what’s happening across the country. What happens in Black America matters. Telling our story matters. BIN’s timing is perfect!”

“We’re excited to offer this news service from a Black point of view at a time when credible news and information is more important than ever,” said Julie Talbott, President of Premiere Networks. “Black Information Network News expands on our commitment to deliver industry-leading news coverage, and we hope it helps bridge the divide in our nation by increasing communication and understanding.”

For more information, visit https://premierenetworks.iheart.online/shows/black-information-network-news.

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