December 16, 2020

Troi Torain a.k.a Star and Buc Wild Supposedly Exposes Ebro in the Morning Over Ratings and the DJ Akademiks Clubhouse Appearance

Star claims on his YouTube show The Star Report, that Ebro in the Morning has bad ratings. But if you're in a radio market with over 21 million people, being in the top 20 in any demo is a win. Being near the top five in the 18-34 is exactly where they want to be more or less. Besides New York City has well over 100 radio stations. And truth be told, listenership is down across the board for Hip Hop formatted radio stations, even though streaming and downloads of Hip Hop music far exceeds any other genre. It's never been better.

Star seems to be coming to the defense of comments made by Ebro and Rosenberg about Akademiks and his recent appearance on the Clubhouse social media platform with Meek Mill and 21 Savage. But its more likely he's coming at Ebro for his comments comparing Akademiks to the greasy talk Star did back in the day. 

Star's connection to Akademiks is that they both briefly appeared on "Everyday Struggle" on the Complex. A show where Akademiks generated his celebrity and his reckless talk. The show has ended its run, however before that, he was suspended recently for comments he made on his Twitch.

Now speaking of Clubhouse, it's still in the Beta phase and most people haven't been invited to join the platform. But it's getting a lot of buzz. It's the next BIG thing!

Ebro and Rosenberg go in. Hard. Outing Akademiks and comparing him to Star.

Ebro and Star haven't gone at each other like this since 2014. Sounds like radio from the 00's.

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