January 31, 2021

How You Doin Wendy Williams? Colby Colb Sets the Record Straight: Power 99 Ratings Went Up After She Left and Other Things From Her Time in Philly

As we all know there is never enough time to tell everything in a movie. But there are a few things that need to be disclosed and/or were left out of Wendy Williams recent Lifetime movie and documentary.


Comedian Dee Lee came up with the catch phrase "How You Doin?"  

He was one of the members of  "The Dream Team" morning show on WUSL Power 99 in Philadelphia. From the movie it definitely seemed as if Wendy Williams hosted mornings by herself at Power 99.  Dee Lee now hosts a gospel syndicated morning show. The movie never mentioned how How You Doin? came about. @thedeeleeshow

The clip in the movie was not about Philly native rapper "Eve"

Wendy Williams joined the highly successful "Carter & Sanborn." The show featuring Brian Carter and Dave Sanborn (nee Bill Simpson) who were the number one show from the late 1980's throughout most of the 90's. Admittedly the show's ratings took a slight dip towards the end of the 90's as the station's demo audience was shewing younger than the age of Carter & Sanborn. They had a great run at Power 99. We seriously doubt if they were #15 rated as stated in the bio pic. The guest in the clip below said Eve wanted her off the air. This Eve was a reporter at a newspaper who said Wendy was a gay basher not the rapper Eve.

Here's an aircheck:


Wendy Williams Never Hosted a Show By Herself at Power 99

Colby Colb sets the record straight with the following IG post. After Carter & Sanborn exited the station, Wendy Williams was paired with Tony Richards and Dee Lee with not much success. Colb, the host of the top rated night show called 'The Dream Team' transitioned to mornings with Wendy and Dee Lee. Media personality and host of the recent FOX Soul show 'The Q', Quincy Harris then known as Q Deezy, was a part of the The Dream Team Morning Show as well.

We've also posted other Instagrams related to Wendy Williams days at Power 99. What was also glanced over in the movie was the reasons she left New York City radio. Allegedly Sean "Puffy at the time" Combs had her fired from Hot 97. (The record executive that was up the program director's a**. She faced lots of threats from rappers and her radio career was in tatters. Her time in Philly gave her a chance to breathe, revive her career, and basically save her life.

Sounds like making Wendy Williams the heroine, who took a failing morning show in Philly to number 1 only makes for a good story and movie.

Scroll through the pictures. She wasn't at Power 99 on her own.

"Wendy didn’t tell the entire true story about her time in Philly in her biopic. She was dead on about NYC radio but not so much about Philly which played a pivotal role in her career. She was wounded by her time in NYC. We had a strong team, constantly number one led by the amazing @helenrlittle who convinced management to bring her on as a cohost on the already successful Carter & Sanborn morning show. They had been on for 10 years and adding Wendy gave them a spark. There was never her own show in Philly, she was always on a team.

After some time, Management changed the lineup and brought in Tony Richards and Dee Lee. The show’s ratings dipped which tends to happen when you replace a successful show with new people so after some time the station did a focus group to see why the show wasn’t working. I was doing nights at the time and had the best ratings on the station. A woman on the panel changed my life that night, she suggested they add me to the show to make it better. The Dream Team was our show name. Dee Lee stayed on as comedian and came up with a character named Shantay who would start every conversation with “How U Doin?” No time in Philly no “How U Doin” trademark career bit. Our combination of talent vaulted the show to top status in market competitive with ratings giant Howard Stern.

Wendy was off limits to most top talent due to NYC time so we lied to them to get interviews. Between Helen, my self and EP @dcgirl627 through our relationships we were able to get good Interviews and once they got on with Wendy they would just ride with it. This helped rehabilitate her reputation, we had viral moments before this was a thing. On Wendy’s last day of her contract she came to station with Kevin with champagne dropping hints that this was her last day. She walked into GM office after the show and quit, Kevin paraded through the hall ways cursing and proclaiming they were leaving. The next day Aaliyah died which shifted the mood of everyone then two weeks later 911 happened. Our ratings went up after she left."

Fast forward this Instagram post to 7:10

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