February 9, 2021

The Miss Jones “Jonesy in the Morning” Reunion Show with Michael Shawn, DJ Envy, and Ebro

Miss Jones also known as R&B singer Tarsha Jones as well as “Jonesy” reunites with her former co-hosts Michael Shawn and DJ Envy who were her a part of her morning show in New York City on Hot 97. Jonesy started out as a part of the Star and Buc Wild morning show in the early 2000's.

Jonesy, as she was known in Philly, left Hot 97 for her own show in Philadelphia on WUSL Power 99 FM. She returned to NYC for "Miss Jones in the Morning" on Hot 97 for a four year run. As it turns out she was never fired from Hot 97 but returned to Philly on Radio One's WPHI 103.9 The Beat. Emmis Broadcasting was hinting at syndicating Big Boy's Neighborhood from Los Angeles so Jones decided to leave. Emmis also owned Power 106 in LA. Joining her on the Episode 2 is Ebro Darden who was the program director at the time.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you want to look at it) we are unable to post the entire part 2 because it was flagged for it's content. (...But part 1 wasn't???)

Neither episode would be safe for work. **(ex) plicit raw language**

Here's the link to part two on YouTube

Jones is doing her podcast once a week for the time being. She revealed that she is experiencing some health issues on the second podcast.

Part 3 of the Reunion Podcast:

Features this Janet Jackson interview:

Part 3 link below:

Jonesy also did a podcast on the Wendy Williams Movie as well.

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