February 24, 2021

Tony Brown, Legendary Philadelphia and WDAS FM Radio Personality Has Died, Hosted 'The Quiet Storm' and 'The Extra Sensory Connection'

Tony Brown, the longtime radio host of "The Quiet Storm" on WDAS FM 105.3 (Philadelphia), has passed away at the age of 75. He had been on the radio for over 45 years. We have covered Tony's career extensively. Please check out some of our other stories at the end of this post. 

He along with Jerry Wells, Doug Henderson, Jr., Mimi Brown, Dr. Perri Johnson, Wayne Joell and others were some of the young voices brought in serve up a new, hip R&B Urban Contemporary sound to 105.3 WDAS-FM in the early 1970's as the station was looking to transform it's sound. They were collectively known as "The FM Band."

Prior to that the station featured a controversial counter culture "hippie" rock sound programmed by the owner's son. The station was targeted by the FBI and President Nixon's administration. The new successful urban format, featuring album cuts by the likes of Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder and more; was a welcomed relief to the station's management and immediately appealed to young Black listeners. By 1980 WDAS FM was the top rated station in Philadelphia.

Tony Brown October 9, 1982   (Stardate 8210.9) beaming listeners aboard at Midnight.

What Tony Brown and the other on-air personalities did back then has cemented WDAS-FM as one of the top stations in Philadelphia to this day (January 2021--#1 Nielsen's top rated station -- 8.6 AQH Share for Persons 6+) and one of the BEST stations and brands in the history of radio. The FM station was just as groundbreaking as it's AM sister station (1480 WDAS AM) was in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's.

Tony Brown was a great part of that legacy. He will always be associated with WDAS FM.

His original program "The Extra Sensory Connection" ran from 10pm-2am. Many people do not recall that Tony shockingly left WDAS FM for rival station WUSL Power 99 FM in 1989. There he hosted and launched the program "The Quiet Storm." WDAS brought in Raymond Anthony to host a show called "Whispers in the Dark" which was not as popular. When WDAS and Power 99 came under the same ownership group, management decided to move "The Quiet Storm" program and Tony Brown back to WDAS FM in 1997 where he remained as the ever popular evening host with his show running from 7pm-midnight. Tony had suffered a series of mini strokes in 2017 that eventually forced him to retire. Adimu Colon was named the new host of The Quiet Storm in 2019.

Tony Brown leaves behind his wife Sunshine.


Rest in Peace Mr. Tony Brown. ("Anthony Chocolate with the Sound that melts in your ear.") May you have a peaceful transition.

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