March 7, 2021

Miss Jones Says As A Black Woman Her Career Was Derailed For the Same Things Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh Got Away With

Miss Jones Hints at a Radio Return in Philly
But Needs a Real Conversation with Colby Colb First

Miss Jones' statement came on the heels of a segment on last week's news story of the Justin Timberlake apology to Janet Jackson. The incident some 17 years ago happened during the halftime performance at Super Bowl XXXVIII (2004). At the time the blame for the incident fell squarely upon Jackson. She was briefly exposed in what was initially called a wardrobe malfunction. It then became known as "nipplegate" with Timberlake not owning up to any responsibility for the incident.

Jones and her former cohosts on her morning show on Hot 97 have been come together over the last several weeks for a Reunion video podcast, which include DJ Envy and Michael Shawn. Jones voiced facts about the damage it caused Janet Jackson's career. Then Jones as a Black Woman in the industry, voiced very strong statements about how her reputation was ruined following her exit from 100.3 The Beat in Philadelphia  in 2008. There again white males were allowed to continue on with their careers unscathed.

Here's an interview Janet Jackson did with Miss Jones, Michael Shawn and DJ Envy on Hot 97. At the time Janet was engaged to Jermaine Dupri. Janet admits that she listens to Miss Jones in the morning.

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