March 9, 2021

Radio Personality Formerly Known as Danni Starr Post Statement on the Death Hot 99.5 Morning Host Kane

Danni Starr released a statement on the death of her former co-worker, Washington D.C. radio personality Kane. He died of an undisclosed illness on March 6th. He had been a long time personality on the iHeartRadio station and was syndicated to Tampa, Baltimore, and Louisville. He exited the station in April of 2020. He was released in the midst of Covid-19 layoffs, however it was reported at the time that his release was not due to budget cuts related to the coronavirus. The reason for his exit remains a mystery. 

Danni Starr last radio gig was on GO 95.5 in her native Minneapolis. (The station was sold in December and is no longer programming Hip Hop). She is simply now known as Ms. Danielle. Here are her social media links.

IG Statement:

I was privy to the knowledge that Kane passed away before it went public. It has been a lot to process. A lot. I knew what would follow such news. My phone would blow up and my DMs over run with people who “love to hear your thoughts.” My thoughts are complicated. My heart breaks for Sam and Sophie. They have joined the fatherless daughter club and it’s awful. I had a complicated father who didn’t always get it right, I loved him anyways. I pray that they heal from all the trauma and I hold so much space for Nat. What she has endured and what she will have to endure is unimaginable. I feel anger. Death doesn’t absolve people from the awful things they did while they were alive. Some people’s heroes are other people’s villains. Duality. I feel empathy for the fans and people who loved and knew a different version of Kane. Their pain is real and so is mine. It is infuriating to read memorials from people who knew the Kane that I knew and who even experienced similar things as me. Why people choose to romanticize who people were after they die, I don’t know, but it is very much triggering to victims. I hold space for the many women who had to move forward without apologies and zero accountability taken. The women who have had to heal from abuse the public couldn’t imagine. I’m appalled at giant media companies who were fully aware of the help he needed but instead chose millions and capitalism over helping someone who was clearly in need of help. I made a commitment to myself to no longer self-abandon. I have done too much of that in my life and a lot of that was in the way I allowed myself to be treated in media, by Kane and by Iheart. With that said, I could never and would never celebrate anyone’s death and I also refuse to romanticize or grieve my abuser. I do want to thank Kane for an important life lesson. I am dedicated to living my life in a way that when I do go, I will not be the monster in anyone’s life story. Sending love and light to you all but especially to Kane’s mother and his children.

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