August 19, 2021

Michael Shawn and The Takeover Legends Morning Show Podcast Gaining Popularity Across Media Platforms

"Love me for who I am, not who you want me to be.... ."  is the final clue that you have just been thoroughly entertained from 6am-9am (CST) by the antics of Michael Shawn and The Takeover Legends Morning Show Podcast. 

Michael Shawn the former show member with the syndicated DeDe in the Morning now leads his own “very funny” morning show on various media platforms through Media Room 360. Shawn who also co-hosted mornings on Hot 97 in NYC and 100.3 The Beat in Philly with Miss Jones and DJ Envy, continues to be a popular comedian in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. His departure from DeDe in the Morning continues to be one of the most viewed stories on this website 

Check him out on his IG page at instagram.com/mikeshawncomedy.

The recently launched podcast is a morning show that is led by the extremely talented comedian Michael Shawn who has over 25 years of radio experience from working in major markets including New York, Philadelphia and Dallas TX. His longtime Executive Producer J'Black and co-hosts Sexy Mo' and Shani Scott round out the cast. 


Michael Shawn and the Takeover Legends offer a no judgement zone where they discuss a wide range of topics both lighthearted and serious. The show has developed a loyal following whom eagerly await each new show so they can engage in the often times spirited conversations.


Michael Shawn pushes the envelope to keep a lively discussion going in order to give the listeners a forum to speak freely. One never knows exactly what they are going to get when they tune in, from having Johnny Gill singing on the show to a magician doing magic (yes magic on a radio show) but they know it's always guaranteed to be fun, energetic and entertaining. 

The team makes a concentrated effort to hit on educational topics such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, physical and mental health as well as race relations in order to make sure their targeted demographic age range of 18-49 have a space to ask questions and gain knowledge on a variety of subjects. The feedback from the fans further proves that the winning formula has been figured out with Michael Shawn as the anchor of this podcast. 


Michael Shawn and The Takeover Legends Show Podcast is available for listening on Google Play and IOS devices. The show can be streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch via Media Room 360. 

To get in contact with Michael Shawn and the Takeover Legends for bookings, content suggestions, calendar appearances and feedback please reach out to Shani Scott at shaniscott@mediaroom360.com

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