October 12, 2021

Gillie and Wallo of Million Dollaz Worth of Game Would Be Great Radio Stars But Radio Can't Afford Them

Then again, can they afford not to... Absolutely the best podcast out there right now is Gillie and Wallo of Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. They started it 2019 and joined Barstool Sports in 2020. There are currently ranked as the number one podcast on Apple Music. So technically they are a sports podcast, but actually they are the go to podcast for anyone hoping to promote their music. 

We've been a fan for a minute.

They regularly get 1,000,000 + views (one million) on their episodes on YouTube. Especially if it's a guest like Shaq, Kevin Durant, Meek Mill, Jadakiss or Soulja Boy, they're getting a mill. At this time they are outpacing once very popular podcaster Joe Budden. (Joe Budden had a shot as morning host at Hot 97 around 2004. Didn't pan out though.)

Just wondering if any radio programmers ever thought Gillie and Wallo would have made a great morning duo before they exploded as podcasters. Then think, how would they even pitch them to a GM or OM who oversee corporate entities that are essentially out of touch with thinking outside the box??? But at this point what radio could offer, it wouldn't be worth Gillie and Wallo's while monetarily. We'll delve into deeper the fall off of the urban/hip hop radio audience of Generation Z and their audio consumption in a future post.

‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ Podcast Hosts Sign With WME (Exclusive) Gillie Da King and Wallo267 are looking to expand the 'Million Dollaz' brand with the agency across unscripted, touring, literary and more. - From The Hollywood Reporter (link)

If you have never heard them, count yourself among the unlucky few. Take a listen. They are the best. 

**Warning. They don't work clean. The Shaq episode above is much cleaner than the Kash Doll episode below. Everything they do is good.

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