November 26, 2021

Congratulations You Played Yourself, Ebro in the Morning Says a Comment He Made About Tinashe's Name Was ‘A Terrible Joke’

This was a thing on Twitter today. A SEVEN YEAR OLD clip from an interview Ebro and Rosenberg did with Tinache! While it was trending, Ebro responded to the Twitterverse. But don't let time dictate an attempt to cancel someone. So who really played themselves? ...if you got into your feelings over this...you get the button.  

UPDATE: Ebro discussed his trending topic on Twitter and offered an apology to Tinashe on the Monday edition of Ebro in the Morning.

Original post continues:

The clip is so dated that the show back then was called The Hot 97 Morning Show. Now of course it's Ebro in the Morning with Laura Stylez and Rosenberg. All in all, it was a bit that didn't really work. That's all it was. It's 2021. Ebro had addressed this comment seven years ago. Move on.

But why is the original poster happy about Ebro getting some backlash today?

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