November 20, 2021

Kesha Monk The Voice of The Soul Train Awards on BET, Queen Sugar, and More Tells How She "Got That Job"

People always ask me, “How did you get that job?” I reply, “I asked for it! In fact,

I manifest everything I receive. I do the work, I speak things into existence, and patiently wait while celebrating others.” Regarding the Soul Train Awards specifically, I never auditioned. I didn’t receive it through an agent. I didn’t have an inside track. I literally contacted the producers and humbly asked for an opportunity. It took years.

It took persistence and prayer. It took a complete stranger named @randythomasvo to believe in me even when BET wouldn’t return my emails. It took a whole lot of NOs. And then one day, a woman named Jeannae who happened to be a producer of the show, said YES. This will be my 5th year as the announcer for the Soul Train Awards. I couldn’t be happier. #voiceover #liveannouncer #voiceofgod

Kesha Monk is also an accomplished radio personality, that's not been on the radio for a minute. For whatever reason that is, the voiceover career is proving to be a much better move. Some of her radio stops have included Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Below she was a presenter on Steve Harvey's Hoodie Awards (2001) with Tracee Ellis Ross and Lisa Raye when she was the midday host on 92.3 The Beat in Los Angeles.

A very funny segment...the bit was great, but in Steve Harvey fashion, he flubs the intro and barely mentions Kesha's name. Harvey, pre-syndication, was the morning show host on the same station The Beat (KKBT-FM). 

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