March 13, 2022

"I Can Afford to Hurt U" Comedian and Radio Host D.L. Hughley is Threaten By Kanye West, Where's The Sunday Service Ye?

Kanye was recently the topic of discussion on D.L. Hughley's appearance on Vlad TV. The interview is above and this content has ***(ex)-plicit language. We believe that this was the clip that Kanye probably watched. There are others we posted below.

On a Sunday morning, most people would expect Kanye West to be preparing for Sunday service, but instead Kanye posted on Instagram a threat to comedian/syndicated radio host D.L. Hughley. Here's the posts below.

The post began with a reference to Kanye's eight year old daughter North and her activity on Tik Tok. Then an attack on the private school Sierra Canyon. This school is known nowadays for the popularity of its basketball team. Lebron James' son Bronny is a member of the team that appears regularly on ESPN. 

Then a reference to celebrity gossiper Perez Hilton. Then came the threat to Hughley.

Stay here as D.L. Hughley is sure to reply. 

Updated: As we expected on Sunday afternoon D.L. Hughley replied with a series of tweets below: 👇🏽

This is another part of the Vlad TV interviews.

Kanye West seems to be obsessed by D.L. Hughley as more Instagram posts appeared on Sunday morning. Kanye posts Hughley's location in Calabasas, California and D.L.'s bout with Covid, causing the comedian to collapse on stage. The original posts were deleted. 

Updated: Rickey Smiley devoted two segments over the last couple of days to the Kanye and D.L. messy situation. There's audio in these segments of Hughley discussing the situation with Kanye where he tells Kanye he is a stalker.

D.L. Hughley and Rickey Smiley are both syndicated through Reach Media.

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