May 7, 2022

Kehlani Done with Radio Interviews They Them Their Social Media Followers Come After 'The Morning Hustle' and Headkrack Responds with Disclaimer

Here's a question: As a radio professional what would or should you do if a guest comes in the studio and is tired? Clearly doesn't want to be there. You know doesn't like to do interviews maybe to a certain underappreciated demo anyway and is only doing it because they feel like they have to do it. You do what Headkrack and Lore'l do. You make the best of a bad situation.

Perhaps Headkrack sensing that Kehlani was not giving off they best energy tried to lighten the mood. He began the interview making a reference about pronouns. No one knows what went on before the cameras were turned on and the mics went live. Clearly it didn't work. 

The tweet below could be or not be related to the Kehlani interview, but there was a lot of bad energy on they part in that interview. They could have been a lot more professional given the fact that them fans would be watching the interview even though they may not have wanted it released.

Did they give the same energy with Sway? They said it was all good. Right?

It's optional right? She. They. Is doesn't matter.

So here is the beginning of the interview.

Here is the end of the interview.

Sounds like Kehlani didn't want to be in Atlanta for whatever reason to promote they album to they audience.


This post has been updated: Lore'l responded in the comment section on a Hollywood Unlock post. It's just as we thought. Kehlani had bad energy before the cameras came on and it had nothing to do with Headkrack's opening to the interview...  


@kehlani girl please you came in there with an attitude nasty from the door! Tell me I’m lying. If you felt disrespected speak up we interview all the best artist, there’s a reason you came to our show and in hindsight we should’ve cut you soon as it started cuz your energy was disgusting. The truth is you need media training ASAP and learn how to handle uncomfortable questions.. how you singing about vagina but get mad when someone asks you about anything involving your sexuality, or pronouns make it make senses. We’ve interviewed you before no issues so maybe you on ya period but there was plenty of things I know and didn’t bring up. Don’t do interviews if you don’t wanna be asked questions hun 

Updated 5/9/22 - The Morning Hustle addressed the issues surrounding the Kehlani interview on a segment called "Who's Cappin".

This pretty much settles it.

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