July 12, 2022

40 Year Old Rapper Conway Says Funk Flex Is Too Old to Be On the Radio

In a Instagram post that's gotten a lot of buzz, rapper Conway the Machine said Funk Flex and DJ Suss One are gatekeepers of the Hip Hop genre and need to move on and leave radio. Why? Both don't know what's hot in the streets. Both radio personalities have had long established careers with Flex at 53 years of age at Hot 97 and Suss One at 43 who spins for Power 105.1. The irony in all of this is Conway is 40 years old!!! Nothing sadder than an old rapper who blames radio for not being a bigger star. (Conway, whose face is partially paralyzed due to being shot in the face, actually has a pretty big following. But his celebrity is quite low. He's not at that level. )

Conway also called out DJ Suss One for being a sellout for his gig on The Wendy Williams Show while shrugging his mention on the show after a fan stated Conway was in his Top 5. Can you imagine trying to explain Conway to Wendy and her audience? 

This just goes to show that radio airplay, in the "digital streaming music on your device age", still matters. There's nothing like-- turning on the radio, hearing a song, and sharing in that experience with other people at the same time. The original social media experience. 

Here are two comments from the Funk Flex post that are on so point!

Artists gotta stop complaining. They say things like some new dj n****s --like they could go on radio and play what they want lol. Still a structure and if they’re new they def can’t play what they want. They got a better chance with flex who can play what he want.

That’s not his market Hot97. I hear his sh*t on Shade45 and Rock the Bells . Hot97 is for the youth . I’m not young. I can’t relate to Hot97. The format is not for the middle age hip hop head. Salute to Flex for staying relevant for 30 plus years and changing with the times

This IG post has (ex)plicit language, He says he hates them... But not all of them. (Hey Hot 97 just in case you want to change your mind and play my songs) 😂😂😂

Funk Flex responds

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