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Deion Sanders is expected to accept the head football coaching job at Colorado following today's SWAC championship game featuring his Jackson State Tigers and Southern University. With that move a number of players are expected to transfer from the HBCU school including his son, quarterback Shedeur. The University of Colorado will reportedly pay Sanders a base salary of $5 million per year.

Roland Martin tweets: If Deion Sanders chooses to take the @CUBuffsFootball head coaching job, be prepared for a lot of social media slander calling him a sellout and turning his back on Black people. And ALL OF IT will be BS.

Angela Yee broadcasts her last show on The Breakfast Club on Friday. She's now set to host her own syndicated morning show in January. >Read more...

98.7 ESPN Radio New York shakes up their lineup with more local programming. The Michael Kay Show with Hot 97's Rosenberg of Ebro in the Morning remains in place. Bart & Hahn will leave the national ESPN Radio lineup. In January they will be heard exclusively on 98.7 FM discussing New York sports from 12-3pm. ESPN New York trails Sport Radio WFAN in ratings across the board as these programming changes were expected. >Read more...

Charlotte's Adult R&B station WBAV-FM V101.9 is ranked first with a 7.0 share of the audience 6+ while Radio One owned all sports station "Sports 92.7 WFNZ-FM" is gaining traction in the marketplace with a 3.1 share...

Radio One Cleveland R&B station 93.1 WZAK is the number one ranked station with a 9.4 share of the audience 6+...



August 24, 2022

Lady Jade Resigns From K104 and the DeDe in the Morning Syndicated Show, But Hasn't Said Why

Lady Jade has left the DeDe in the Morning syndicated morning show and K104 KKDA-FM Dallas.

Lady Jade has been with the station for 19 years and started out as a co-host on the morning show with Skip Murphy and later on when it was led by Skip Cheatham. She worked with DeDe McGuire the last 11 years when DeDe was named the morning show host at K104.

Jade made the following statement on Instagram.

K104 posted DeDe's announcement of Lady Jade's departure on Instagram. However Jade said on a separate statement on IG. “I have politely asked for this post to be removed because the narrative that has been translated in this post is false. My request has unfortunately been ignored.”

Jade apparently has a very particular reason for leaving the station abruptly, but has not revealed that reason yet. Stay tuned!

UPDATED POST (10/10/22) - The original K104 post announcing her departure from the station that Lady Jade asked to be remove has been taken down.  Since our article from August 2022, Lady Jade has posted just one video to IG. (See it below.) It appears she has stepped away from social media, but still hasn't given a reason for her abrupt exit from K104.

1 comment:

  1. im not understanding why after so many faithful yrs to the morning team there was not a clear message of good bye . that's really not respectful of Jade time on the show. By de de bein another black woman she should not have allowed this type of behavior to happen on her watch .

    at least a formal good bye for listeners to say their good byes

    something seems fishy not a good look k104


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