August 17, 2022

Whatever Happened to Jade Novah and JRSportBrief of The Morning Culture on V-103? Some Really Good Things

Back in 2019 Jade Novah and JRSportBrief were tapped to join Frank Ski for a new morning show produced by Nina Brown on V-103 (WVEE-FM Atlanta) named "The Morning Culture." The "Frank & Wanda in the Morning" show had run its course, especially after the awkward Katt Williams interview with co-host Wanda Smith that went viral. The great ratings from their first run on the station from 1998 to 2012 were gone. Smith exited the station while V-103 was looking to capture a younger audience. 

Jade Novah with no radio experience and Julian "JRSportBrief" Jackson with very little as a part time sports radio host on WFAN The Fan in New York City were given the opportunity to do mornings in Atlanta based on their social media presence and the number of subscribers to their YouTube channels. Well, how do you think they did?

The results were less than stellar to put it kindly for the company once called Entercom, Radio.com, but now known as Audacy. Novah lasted about nine months and JRSportBrief signed a deal to do sports talk on CBS Sports Radio. This is where you will find him today at 10pm each weeknight across the country. 

By the beginning of 2020, with just Frank Ski and JR remaining, a rotating group of Atlanta area female media personalities were holding down the third co-host chair. JR quietly left the show as his connection to show began to wane as The Morning Culture was truly a failed experiment. Frank Ski resigned from the station in July of 2020 and was replaced by Big Tigger. Within a month he was hired to do afternoons at 96.3 WHUR in Washington, D.C. with his former producer Nina Brown as his co-host, where they have garnered phenomenal success. Of course now Frank with Nina are back on the radio in the morning in Atlanta on Kiss 104.1 with a syndication deal soon to launch.  

When Jade Novah exited V-103 it was abrupt. Doing mornings was no easy task. She had a career as a R&B singer before doing radio but it hadn't quite taken off like her parody music videos of famous singers like Beyoncé on YouTube had. She decided after nine months of doing morning radio to focus on her singing career fully. It was obvious she couldn't do both. So she made a choice. A good and wise one for sure. Singing was in her blood. Radio wasn't.

So let's get caught up on Jade...

She appeared on the Tegna TV syndicated midday show Daily Blast Live that also streams on YouTube recently and talked about being a background singer and learning from the likes of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and others; performing on Jimmy Fallon's star-studded game show, 'That's My Jam,' the impact of Meta's 'We the Culture' program, her tour, and her new single recently released on YouTube.

Like Jade Novah, sports radio is in JR's blood, not morning radio on Hip Hop and R&B radio.

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