November 17, 2022

Roland Martin Calls the NEW Tiffany Cross Story Trash Obviously Planted by MSNBC

Roland S. Martin the curator and owner of the media platforms "Roland Martin Unfiltered" and "The Black Star Network" called out the New York Post and MSNBC for a story that appeared in the tabloid. This story has been making the rounds throughout the social media universe as factual. Martin feels otherwise.

Martin states, "I’m on a plane reading this trash @nypost article viciously attacking @TiffanyDCross. It is obviously a story planted by a so-called @msnbc source to destroy her name and reputation. But it’s a bad hatchet job. The “source” was too dumb to even realize it. I’ll explain."

See each Instagram post below for Martin's explanation on what the NY Post is reporting; two weeks after Tiffany Cross' firing at MSNBC, is suspect at best. The Post, not known as a beacon of journalistic integrity, titled the article-"Ex-host Tiffany Cross wanted to ‘take down’ MSNBC before exit: source".

Martin goes on to say, "That’s weak ass journalism. Folks, this story is a bunch of nonsense. This is CLEARLY an attempt by Someone inside of @msnbc to sully the reputation of @TiffanyDCross."

Martin, a veteran newspaper, radio, and TV journalist has been a regular contributor on 'This Week' on ABC and hosted shows on TV One and CNN. He launched his own independent channel on YouTube in 2019. He gained national prominence for his commentary on The Tom Joyner Morning and is now featured on BIN: The Black Information Network on radio.

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