December 27, 2022

Streetz 94.5 Morning Takeover Shenanigans Yung Joc Shaves His Head Bald After Tory Lanez Guilty Verdict

In an interview on VladTV hip hop artist turned morning radio host Yung Joc promised to shave his head if rapper Tory Lanez was found guilty in his trial. Lanez was found guilty and Joc delivered on his promise by having his head shaved by co-host Mz Shyneka on the Streetz 94.5 Morning Takeover show. 

Surely Yung Joc did not anticipate that the guilty verdict was a possibility because the bit itself seemed a bit awkward given the fact that there was nothing to celebrate since Lanez faces at least 20 years in prison and deportation to his native Canada following the felony convictions. There was a counter bet involving Mz. Shyneka wearing a braided wig. Third member of the morning show Shawty Shawty lost the bet as his beard was shaved off.  

In the interview below Joc said, “I can’t wait to see how this video turns out. Either way, this is a very unfortunate situation. Just through the eyes of watching it, I don’t ever want anyone to feel like I’m making fun of their situation, ’cause it’s very unfortunate and it’s very bad for our culture, but I pray that this plays out fair.”

Yung Joc talks about the bet below during the first days of the trial.

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