March 9, 2023

Deion Sanders Football Recruiting Comments About Single Mothers was Not Cool

The expression "something has legs" is based on the imagery of something that can carry itself forward on its own. This story however just didn't have any legs. Bomani Jones had something to say, but after that it went nowhere.

A few weeks ago Deion Sanders appeared on the Rich Eisen podcast prior to the Super Bowl and made a derogatory statement towards single parent (mother) households in regards to how he goes about recruiting players at certain positions in football. Quarterback must come from dual parent households. Same for offensive lineman. A position that is overwhelming held down by white players. But defensive lineman, the best should come from single family homes. (Guess the ethnicity for the majority of defensive lineman?)

Watch the video at the top if you haven't watched it.

He basically said, a youngster growing up in a single family household headed by a "momma" will raise a son that will not be smart academically and will only be motivated to play so he can take care of (rescue) his mother. 

Surely, Deion this is not what you say as head football coach at the University of Colorado. He said this to get laughs??? to be funny??? to be entertaining??? Some have suggested he is telling the truth. But does that make it alright?  Meanwhile Rich Eisen's cronies in the background are yucking it up in the background. (What is so funny about this, unless his statements feed into some sort of narrow-minded negative stereotypes about people raised in single parent homes.)

Finally, today, Karen Hunter addressed the issue on her Urban View show on Sirius XM with author Jennifer Jones-Austin. It should not have taken this long for a member of the media to seriously address Sanders' comments. Remember his comments have been out there for a month already.

Why did Deion get a pass? Who knows. But he got one.

FOX 26 Houston aired a segment on Deion Sanders in March, weeks after the Rich Eisen podcast as well.

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