April 12, 2023

After 65 Years CBS 3 Drops Eyewitness News for CBS News Philadelphia and a NEW Green Logo

That's right, after 65 years (well maybe not that long, but it's been since the mid 1960's from what we've been able to find... so at least almost 60 years...) KYW-TV Channel 3 has transitioned from CBS 3 and changed the news program from Eyewitness News to CBS News Philadelphia with a fresh new minty green logo. We've never seen any television station or channel, local or national use a GREEN logo. Seems kind of weird especially since weather forecasters stand in front of a green screen to do the weather forecast on most local news programs.

We've haven't seen any other CBS owned stations do this in any other market to synergize their brand with the network. The station promises to air more in-depth and positive stories. Now how did this station get the call letters KYW? It was once located in Cleveland a long time ago and swapped ownership and came to Philadelphia. It's probably the only east coast station that begins with the letter "K." The K is reserved for TV and radio stations in the western part of the United States.

The station was also once a part of KYW Newsradio until CBS sold all of it's radio stations to Audacy. There was a time it was an NBC affiliate and owned by Westinghouse while using the familiar anklepants font.

In much the same way CBS 46 in Atlanta (now known as ANF- Atlanta News First) has gone through many transitions in recent years so has CBS 3.

This station's image took a hit two years ago in a story we posted regarding racism within the ranks of executives at station. CBS TV Executives on Leave After Disparaging Remarks Made Towards CBS3's Anchor Ukee Washington and Other Black Anchors Surface

Perhaps a complete image was in order... Will it make a difference in the ratings? We shall see.

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