April 6, 2023

BIN: The Black Information Network Host Ramses Ja Discusses the Dangers of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Blocking AP African American Classes with Anthony Browder

Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis blocked AP (Advanced Placement) African American courses in Florida’s public schools after he signed the Stop WOKE Act last year, barring schools from teaching race-inclusive education. Classes that were underway at the beginning of the school year were cancelled in January to avoid violating the law. It was created for two primary reasons: to legitimize Black history as a necessary subject matter in American schools and to reverse the underrepresentation of Black students in AP courses.

Ramses Ja, a podcaster and hosts on BIN: The Black Information Network discussed the ramifications of blocking educational studies in public schools across the nation in an extensive podcast with historian Anthony T. Browder. Mr. Browder referenced the groundbreaking book The Miseducation of the Negro by Dr. Carter G. Woodson published in 1933 during his denunciation of Gov. DeSantis' actions. A clip of that conversation is above. 

The topic of this podcast is The African Origins of Christianity / Hidden Truths of Egypt history with Anthony T. Browder.  Ja does discuss this topic with Browder as he gives an eye-opening response to the history of the three of the largest religions in the world. 

The clip below discusses the original of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 

To watch the entire podcast, rewind to the beginning of this video player. 

Anthony T. Browder is a celebrated author, publisher, historian, artist, educational consultant. He is the director of the ASA Restoration Project; Founder and Director of IKG Cultural Resource Center, and Cultural Memory Specialist.

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