April 11, 2023

WURD Talk Radio Host Charles Ellison Steps Away From Daily Show After Suffering Multiple Seizures On Air

From Charles Ellison -- WURDRADIO.COM On Tuesday, April 4, we shared our very last broadcast of Reality Check with Charles Ellison on WURD Radio. That happened after a full month of being off the airwaves, dogged by a bit of speculation over what had happened: Why had I suddenly, without warning, disappeared?

Monday, March 6, was that fateful day when it all happened. I was struck with a very sudden seizure during a live broadcast of Reality Check that ended up turning into five back-to-back seizures and a life-changing epilepsy diagnosis.

Had my wife not sprung into action as quickly as she had, I would not be here. I spent two hours in an emergency room and a couple of weeks in a hospital bed finally discovering in a very hard way that I have epilepsy. I can only recall what happened that day and the 48 hours leading up to it from the recollections described by other people.

As a result, I had to make a very tough decision: Do I keep up the rigorous and demanding pace that’s required to make Reality Check what it is every day, along with City Council LIVE on Thursdays? Or do I put my physical and mental health first?  ...

Read more and listen to his final on-air interview with station General Manager Ashanti Martin and his upcoming plans with the station

A very emotional listen. Make sure you make your health a priority.

With Charles Ellison as a correspondent, WURD is Philadelphia's only news outlet, radio or TV, with a bureau in Washington, D.C. at the nation’s Capitol. He also appeared regularly on Rev. Al Sharpton's syndicated national talk show and says he will continue on the show, but less frequently. 

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