May 23, 2023

DeDe in the Morning and K104 Morning Producer Known as 'White Gary' Saunders Exits The Company After 19 Years

Gary Saunders exits Service Broadcasting Group urban contemporary “K104” KKDA Dallas after 19 years at the station. Saunders served as producer of “DeDe in the Morning” and many of the morning shows that aired on K104 over the years. If you listen to the show at all Saunders was frequently referred to in a playful and affectionate way as 'White Gary.' He penned the following on Facebook.

After over 30 years of radio, today is my last day at K104. I owe my career to two things…God and Hard Work! I was a poor kid from Grand Prairie Texas and I made it out. I never missed work and I never took my job for granted. I was blessed to work with the Legends of Urban Radio and I met some of the biggest names in the Entertainment Business along the way. It was cool to have started at K104, leave and come back years later I was fortunate to have worked out of The World Famous WBLS Studios in New York and at 100.3 The Beat studios in Los Angles during my journey. I always took pride in giving young people a chance in this radio industry because sometimes that’s all a person needs is a chance. Now granted, there are a few haters out there who are not fans of Gary Saunders. Leaders have to make tough decisions when it comes to generating ratings and revenue for a business. You can’t be friends with everyone. Especially in the entertainment business, so being disliked comes with the territory.

After today, there will be no more 8pm bedtimes and 2am wake ups as I start my new career. I’m ready for a somewhat normal life. Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way and especially Tiffany Stanmore, my classmate at South Grand Prairie High School back In December of 1989. She drove through The Thirsty Oasis Beer Store where I was working and told me that K104 was hiring in their research department….and 34 years later, the rest is history.

There were many well-wishes in the comment section on Facebook following Saunders' exit from the station.

Last week K-104 posted a job opening for this position.

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