May 16, 2023

Eboni K. Williams Never Said NO to Dating a Bus Driver as Lore'l and Claudia Jordan Discuss Topic on Their Podcast

For the last few weeks media personality Eboni K. Williams has been dragged through various media outlets, most notably The Breakfast Club for her comments about dating a bus driver.

On the Urban One podcast "The Undressing Room," Lore’l (of Radio One/Reach Media's syndicated "The Morning Hustle" and media personality Claudia Jordan weighed in on the comments made by Eboni K. Williams during an interview with Iyanla Vanzant about dating a bus driver.

Here's the thing lost on everyone: She never said she wouldn't date a bus driver.

This edit from ABC's The View sums up Eboni K. Williams thoughts on the question asked by Iyana Vansant.  

After listening to Williams' comments many were probably of the opinion that suggested that she was being bougie in her opinion, however Lore'l and Claudia made some good points and that most likely swayed others to their opinion. Both Lore’l and Claudia both agreed with Eboni K. Williams. She has the right to like who she likes. If she would rather date the owner of the bus (perhaps aspiring to own a fleet of buses and a large company one day) than the driver of that bus, she has a right to. 

One particular person not happy at all was DJ Envy of The Breakfast Club. 

Check out the conversation as things got quite heated.

Eboni K. Williams' next invite on The Breakfast Club might be awhile.

All in all Eboni K. Williams is saying a bus owner hasn't maxed out their skill set and a bus driver has. No one should expect a national known media personality like her with a law degree to date a bus driver. Why is everyone shocked? What if she announced tomorrow that she was in fact dating a bus driver. People would think she was crazy or desperate. Now the owner of a bus company is a different story.  Perhaps Iyanla should date a bus driver. 


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