August 18, 2014

Raheem DeVaughn and Roland Martin present Town Hall Meeting


Roland Martin (Host) - American journalist, syndicatedcolumnist, author, commentator (TV One) and (News One Now); Raheem DeVaughn - Three-Time Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter; Jeff Johnson- Award-winning journalist, social activist, political commentator, and author; Pastor W. Lamar Staples – Associate Pastor, The Temple of Praise, Washington, DC; Pastor Jabari Douglas– Pastor, Kingdom Worship Center, Upper Marlboro, MD; Dr. George Holmes - Member of President Barack Obama’s National African American Clergy Leadership Working Group and Chaplain of the District of Columbia Democratic State Committee; Reverend Lennox Yearwood - President and CEO of the Hip Hop Caucus; Mr. Ed Davies, Executive Director of the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Company; Tony Lewis, Jr.-Community Activist & Founder Of Sons Of Life

DeDe McGuire Full Exposure of Radio's Hardest Working Personality (Dallas, Ft. Worth, TX) went behind the scenes and the microphone recently to provide its readers with an in-depth look at radio personality DeDe McGuire. As a child growing up in a military family stationed at many places around the world; radio helped her to stay connected to what was going on back in the States. After landing a job as a receptionist at a Country music station in Killeen, Texas; she has risen through the radio ranks to lead a major market morning show and also a nationally syndicated afternoon show.

DeDe McGuire hosts " DeDe in the Morning" with co-hosts Lady Jade and Michael Shawn at the K104 (KKDA/104.5 FM). After hosting the morning show, she is sometimes able to take a short break then prep for and co-host the syndicated Doug Banks Radio Show in the afternoons.

So you might asks yourself how she manages to pull off this feat each and everyday while remaining  on top of her game. DFW provides an in-depth look at radio personality DeDe McGuire.

-DeDe McGuire: the hardest-working woman in radio by Robert Philpot

"Fueled by an afternoon Red Bull, DeDe McGuire is showing us around her Arlington house, which is already cool enough with its lake views, deck and jazz paintings hanging on the living-room walls. But it’s the upstairs that the KKDA/104.5 FM “K104” morning-show host wants to show us most. That’s where husband Chris Allen’s “man cave” is.

August 13, 2014

Kindred the Family Soul Launches Instagram Rant Against Urban Radio

Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon, the husband and wife R&B/Soul duo known as Kindred the Family Soul went to Instagram to voice their displeasure at urban radio.  Kindred recently performed a free outdoor community concert along with Jazmine Sullivan and a few other Philly based artists.

The one thing that makes their rant ring true is the fact that three radio stations (Hot 107.9, Old School 100.3, and Praise 103.9) set up promotional tents at the event. Radio One therefore were able to promote their stations at this community event sponsored by a local politician. So we can feel the displeasure that the duo feels when they report that the stations don't play music from their newest album or didn't even grant them an interview at any of the stations. The other urban music stations in Philly are owned by Clear Channel. Between the two companies they own six stations targeted to the African American community. Their hit 'Far Away' of course is still a favorite with many of the listeners of those six stations. (WPHI, WRNB, WPZE, WUSL, WDAS FM and AM)

August 11, 2014

Radio Legend Herb Kent "The Cool Gent" and Original Good Guy

At 85 Herb Kent is still going strong on Chicago's V103 every Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon. Set to appear on TV One's 'Unsung.'

Here's a brief bio-- Herb "The Cool Gent" Kent was born on the south side of Chicago in 1929. He began his career as the host of a classical music show on WBEZ in Chicago at the age of 15. During the 1940s, Kent was heard on WGRY in Gary, Indiana and on WMAQ in Chicago. In 1952, Kent went to work for WGES, the city's largest black-programmed station. From 1955 until 1960 he was on the air at WBEE. Then in 1962, Kent was hired at WVON/Chicago. Since 1988, Kent has worked at V103 WVAZ-FM. As one person put it in the video comment section, "Herb Kent is a national treasure and a Chicago legend."

We had a chance to check out Herb and as usual he shared a few stories and jokes during his breaks on his Sunday broadcast. On many Sundays he features a call-in and vote segment "Battle of the Best." This is when he represents a legendary R&B artist or group and pits them against another artist. Then in turn that group or artist is represented by a guest host with a Chicagoland connection. [Check out the videos below.]

August 8, 2014

Nico & Vinz with the Biggest Song in the World, Visits Hot 97

Nico & Vinz stopped by Ebro in the Morning to discuss their hit song "Am I Wrong" and a lot more. They talked about their musical influences and background. You see they're both from Norway with family roots in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. They also did some freestyle in French, Norwegian, and English languages. The song has already been a hit on Pop/Rhythmic stations in the United States and across the world. Urban radio is starting to pick up on their positive message as well. As Ebro says they're likable.

Check out the interview below:

August 7, 2014

The Photo Shoot of The Frank Ski Show on 96.3 WHUR

Frank Ski of 96.3 WHUR posted pictures from his show on Instagram including a photo shoot featuring his co-hosts Mo Ivory and comedian Joe Clair.

Frank Ski was the long time morning host on V-103 in Atlanta until during contract negotiations, he asked his former employer CBS Radio to take the morning show into national syndication. It didn't happen. He left.

Unsure of his next move, Frank Ski participated in The Next Big Voice contest as a favor to management at WHUR in the summer of 2013. Well, as it turns out he won.

August 6, 2014

Music Producer Carvin Haggins Calls Urban Radio 'Ratchet'

Every song that is played on the radio is considered clean enough for radio airplay according to FCC standards and the Program Director of that paticular station. For instance when a station plays a radio edit version of YG's My Hitta, then it's determined to be safe for all ages. But every kid that hears it knows what the song is really saying. Why?

Because they've already heard it on YouTube or it's been shared on their phone through a tweet, a text, or somewhere else on social media. However 99% of the lyrics surrounding the hook are either hypers,exually suggestive, endorsing prison culture, or glorifying the usage of prescription drugs in unimaginable combinations. What radio does is legitimizes while promoting songs in a way it has never done before. This is where Carvin Haggins has a major problem.

August 5, 2014

WDAS FM Celebrates Mimi Brown with Ledisi, Mint Condition, and Eric Benet Concert

WDAS FM CELEBRATES MIMI BROWN'S 35 YEARS IN RADIO Ledisi, Mint Condition and Eric Benet Join the Festivities

Check out Mimi's Archive Interview with Eric Benet [below]

WDAS 105.3 FM, Philly’s Best R&B and Classic Soul, is celebrating radio personality Mimi Brown's 35th anniversary at the station with a star-studded concert at the Dell Music Center. The event will take place on Thursday, August 7 at 8:00 p.m. and will feature appearances by Ledisi, Mint Condition and Eric Benet.

Mimi, who is celebrating 35 years in radio and committed community involvement, is one of the very few radio personalities whose unique style is matched by her great musical ear. She is known for her impressive list of celebrity interviews, emceeing musical, cultural, civic and political events, community and youth outreach, dance and fashion shows, and a noted recording industry reputation for picking hits before they became highly popular and nationally recognized.

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