June 12, 2009

The 'Burgh Hip Hop Scene React to 106.7 WAMO

As the last days of WAMO wind down in Pittsburgh, on the night of the announcement many of the Pittsburgh Hip Hop community reacted to Sheridan Broadcasting sale of WAMO FM. What's interesting here is that most of the comments could apply to many Urban/Hip Hop stations across the country. People say, or a better word might be are crying out for, more local artist instead of hearing the same songs over and over.

However the thing that will make people truly embrace a radio station as their "own" doesn't translate to a successful business model. The old radio station programming model has long been trashed. That old model that resulted in some stations being labeled a "heritage" is dusty and filled with cobwebs. Black/Urban radio has an image problem. Listeners don't expect to hear what's up, hot, new, fresh, dope, bangin' etc. from their local DJ.

Would it matter if you woke up one day and all of your local Black radio stations were gone?

Check out the New Pittsburgh Courier online as they provide some WAMO history, analysis, and the prospect of new opportunities for hearing music from local artist in the area.

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