May 8, 2010

The press conference of Trae the Truth Lawsuit Against Radio One

Video from the press conference held in downtown Houston. The lawsuit alleges that Radio One and local station 97.9 The Box banned the music of rapper Trae The Truth from being played on the station. That is just one of a list of allegations including DJ's being fired. The Box is the only hip hop station in Houston.

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  1. The validity here is we have a station here in Houston (97.9) that doesn't support local talent. The few that get a pass are closely related to personnel that work and/or represent the Box. This city is well aware that our talent level far exceeds Paul Wall. However, sadly enough the nation is not. Houston actually displayed the lowest level of talent at the recent VH1 Hip Hop Awards Show. Trae was gaining momentum and vastly becoming a talent for the city of Houston to be proud of. Those of us real DJ's and industry insiders will continue to support the "real" talent in this city. Long time Houston recording artist Big Love we support your full length CD (H.B.O.) Houston's Best Officially and the very strong outing on the newly released single "Sometimes". We also acknowledge the skills of Magnificent aka Magno, and continue to support TRAE "THE TRUTH" in his musical ventures. Don't stop what you're doing guys, this city needs you more than you could possibly imagine. What we must do as a community is stop advertising "our" products and "our" events @ this station and make them as irrelevant as they make "our" artist. Tune off, if we are not tuned in advertising becomes worthless!


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