November 26, 2010

V103's Producer Nina Brown Fired Over the Last Piece of Sweet Potato Pie

This is not a Thanksgiving Day joke...

The audio that went out over the air went a little something like this “Stop with that s*** too Nina, like you’re so [bleepin'] holier than thou!” A few seconds later, Ryan Cameron went on air as if nothing had happened on V-103 Atlanta.

The rant came from V-103 morning sports/entertainment host Elle Duncan and was directed at producer Nina Brown.

Why it went out over the air is a mystery because the show is on delay and there was every opportunity to bleep it out but Brown apparently wanted it to go out over the air according to Rodney Ho of the AJC. Yes he states it was over sweet potato pie! As a result Nina Brown has been let go from the CBS owned station.

Check it out at the AJC for not only the article but for the five pages of comments.

More in the AJC

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