October 31, 2011

Radio One will dump Praise 92.1 and bring in "News 92 FM" to Houston

Radio One is expected to launch "News 92 FM" the week of Nov. 14, filling the all-news void in Houston that was left when former all news station 740 AM KTRH became a conservative talk station back in July.

The new all-news station will feature the former popular KTRH morning news team of Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard. Those two hosted the news in Houston for 27 years.

Radio One will move the Praise 92.1 gospel format to Urban AC station Majic 102.1 KMJQ’s HD2 channel and will stream online at www.PraiseHouston.com. The move has to be bittersweet for Houston native Yolanda Adams who hosts the syndicated morning show on this station and many other gospel stations through out the country.

It will interesting to see how Radio One will manage this new station. They have bucked the hottest trend in urban formats; that being gospel music- to take on a mainstream all-news radio station- a format that requires much more resources in terms of personnel. It is much more expensive to run a news station on a daily operational basis compared to a music driven format. But in terms of revenue, a news format can generate a lot more revenue than a gospel station.

The Houston Chronicle details more personnel moves at the station


  1. The inspiration that has been part of religous outreach to anyone who love Music has suffered a target hit in the name of a new format that will supposedly give Houstontonian's an economical boost. What good is it for a man to own anything yet lose his soul. I personally learned long ago, "my arm's are to short to box with God." Bring on the new's.

  2. This is the biggest injustice to a community of loyal listeners of all ages since segregation. Kathy Hughes and Jay Rodriguez, I hope you are listening. You have done a dis-service to gospel music and made Yolanda Adams think things are "basically" the same when they are not. No one can run out and even buy a portable HD radio for home use, let alone the car. Someone has misled the radio personalities in thinking people will still listen. This format stinks. What is all this countdown about when you stream in? What happened to Lonnie Hunter, CoCo Brother and Donnie McClurkin show? This is a mess and unfair to the general listening audience. Bring back our gospel station!

  3. hate it, hate it, hate it... it wasn't a big deal to me when it was initially announced; however, i have now learned its pretty difficult to find out how to convert over in my car and at home. I REALLY miss the station and so do my kids (ages 7, and 13). Marcus D Wiley, please come back...

  4. The Yolanda Adams morning show helped me and others to battle days of trials and tribulation, it gave strength for the day. The new for mat is not insirational does not help anyone,does not inspire anyone,or motivate them. 92.1 use to be a place where you could get healing for the soul It helped you prepare for the day,and strengthen you through the night. You laugh,you cried,you prayed it was family.

  5. Could not believe that this happened. What a blow to the gospel community in Houston. To drop an entire station for a news formatted venue is an injustice to the people and community as a whole. I will not listen to 92.1 any longer. How can you replace GOD?


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