January 7, 2013

The Michael Baisden Show is Out at WDAS FM

Baisden Goes to Facebook to Make the Announcement

Here is Michael Baisden's announcement via Facebook following WDAS FM and Clear Channel Media + Entertainment's decision today to go into a different direction regarding their afternoon programming. WDAS FM is currently looking for a permanent afternoon host. The afternoon drive shift for the time being is being held down by the familiar voice of veteran 'DAS weekend personality Mimi Brown.

"To my listeners on WDAS in Philadelphia, when you turn on your radios today at 3pm ET you will no longer hear the Michael Baisden Show. The powers that be at Clear Channel have decided that music is enough in the afternoon to achieve their ratings goals. Although we were consistently in the top 5, and beating our nearest Urban Adult competitor by 10 positions, the decision was made to remove The Michael Baisden Show. While I am excited about adding Columbus, OH, last week, and I appreciate my other 78 affiliates, there seems to be a disturbing trend in urban radio to opt to give the black community less information about what’s going on in our community, even when my program is competitive, and in some cases winning in it’s time slot.

Who is going to sound the alarm in Dallas, St Louis, New York, and now Philadelphia when the next election comes around, or when the next Trayvon Martin or Jena 6 happens? The Mornings Shows do a good job, but the influence of The Michael Baisden Show has been critical to bringing social awareness to our communities.

But I don’t blame the radio networks that remove my program; I blame us as a community. The main objective of these companies is to make a profit for their Share Holders. I was told by an radio executive many years ago, “This is an advertising business first and the people business second.”

Now, the question we have to ask ourselves is, what’s in our best interest? Ask the listeners in New York, Dallas, and recently St. Louis how it feels to be divorced from the rest of the country. Because that’s what it feel like, an unwanted divorce. There has never been and will never be another program like this when it’s gone. We’re either going to fight for what we value or accept what is handed to us, and go quietly into the night.

I need your support so that I can continue to sound the alarm for the next child who is missing or wrongfully accused, or to raise the issue of Domestic Violence, Living Your Dream, and the next election.

Thank you to the listeners of Philly and all of the other family members who no longer can hear the information, passion and energy I put out everyday. And thank you to all the affiliates, including WDAS for giving me a chance to be heard. They are doing what they believe is in their best business interest, now we must do what’s in ours… otherwise we deserve the treatment that we get.

See you on the radio at 3pmET. For those of you who can no longer hear me on the radio, go to BaisdenLive.com and click the “Listen Live” button or download the TuneIn Radio App and Search The Michael Baisden Show. As always, I’ll give you one thousand percent every day as long as you continue to fight for me the way I’ve been fighting for you!

-Michael Baisden

P.S. Please, Do not call WDAS being disrespectful or mean spirited. Vote with your support or lack of support for their choice of programming. Conduct yourself with class and dignity reflected by this show and our President. We will be back on in Philly, hopefully with WDAS, we don’t want to attack them, just demonstrate that we value our personalities. It’s not just business with us…it’s personal!"

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