March 29, 2013

100.3 WRNB Philly Fires Everybody for R&B Format Tweak

More Marvin Gaye, Earth, Wind & Fire, Patti LaBelle and Teena Marie on the way

If you go to the website and look under the section for DJ's you'll find none.

That's because they have fired their entire air staff in anticipation of an announcement coming Monday, April 1st. The Radio One Urban AC station is expected to tweak their format of R&B music and feature more 70's and 80's"Old School" music as "Old School 100.3."

On air hosts Lady B and Dyana Williams are expected to return to the airwaves at some point, however if they will remain in their present time slots is not known at this time. WRNB will become Radio One’s fourth “Old School” station across the country joining stations in Charlotte, Dallas, and St. Louis.

As far as the impact on the industry goes, WRNB has been hammered in the ratings in Philadelphia when compared to heritage station 105.3 WDAS. Clear Channel station 'DAS has been a ratings winners even in a PPM environment by have low turnover in hosts and playing the same type of R&B favorites from the last 30 years. WDAS has ranked third consistently only behind the all-news station and the Mainstream AC station that gets a boost whenever it plays Christmas music. Steve Harvey of course leads in the morning, however before Harvey; Tom Joyner was featured on WDAS and he was Number 1 in the mornings too. You have to point to the music the stations plays as one of the main reasons why it has done so much better than WRNB, which played a newer mix and a wider range of R&B music (think Ledisi, Kem, and Maxwell). The Radio One station usually comings in at around 14th or 15th ranked.

New Station Logo for WRNB
African American Adult listeners who grew up on radio have proven time and time again that they are not really interested in listening to newer artists. They much rather listen to a radio station that plays the R&B artists they know well.


  1. I want the old format back. This new format sucks. You can mix old school music with the new artists. I want the old music back, the DJs, and the Tom Joyner Morning Show too. Otherwise I will switch back to WDAS-fm. WRNB made a big mistake changing.

  2. WRNB really won't have listeners now. No Tom Joyner in the morning? No Lady B and TouchTone for the 5pm basement party?

    Plus, during AM & PM drivetime, I need a traffic report. I definitely agree - THIS FORMAT SUCKS!

    They make these random statements about 'Old School' Philadelphia. What? Y'all are trying to force me to be nostalgic?

    I wonder if there is something bigger going on. No Michael Baisden? Now Tom Joyner is gone? Both of them worked to get out the vote for Pres. Obama.

    Things that make you know HHHhhhmmmm...

  3. Agreed! Bring back the old format! Black people can handle news with their music! I switched to this station when WDAS got rid of Michael Baisden. Now I'll have to find another station. Get a clue!

  4. I do not know what the owner(s) are thinking. No Tom Joyner, DC Todd, Lady B? That is the reason I listen and keep it locked. I have no choice but to switch to WDAS-FM.
    Bad decission

  5. As Radio One and other radio corporations have done in the past (and will do in the future) when introducing a new format, they remove all on-air staff and go commercial free. Tom Joyner will return to the station soon. WRNB will also have other on-air personalities as well at some point in the future. Will the station be able to come closer to WDAS FM in the ratings remains to be seen.

  6. Bad move radio one!!!! Back to WDAS

  7. Not a good move!I like Old School but I like Lady B. Touch Tone and Dianna Williams.

  8. I've gone as far as to listen to WHUR in D.C.. I get tired of hearing the same thing all the time.I look forward to hearing Lady B in the afternoon. It was nice while it lasted!!!!!


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