May 30, 2013

WHUR Continues Contest But Still No Replacement for Michael Baisden

Even RG3 is not feeling this...BTW change the name
to the 'Skins, Pigskins, or Braves
It's Been 9 Weeks and Counting...

Ever since the departure of Michael Baisden in late March from its airwaves, 96.3 WHUR in Washington has been running a contest to name the next local host of their afternoon drive time slot. They elected not to go with Cumulus Media's replacement for Baisden which was Skip Murphy. However at this point it seems WHUR is running a contest that will never end.

...And it appears that listeners are growing weary of this contest as they have posted their dissatisfaction with the station. However WHUR has another webpage for the contest that reflects a more positive spin for this week's guest host Randy Dennis.

That's interesting...two webpages for one contest.

Some of the comments directed towards management include: [we paraphrase] When will the station find a permanent host?, ...Trying to find a new "voice" has been going on for several weeks now. Enough already, ...Can a DJ  just be selected?, ...Unfreakinbelievable! cycling through every dj in America. ...ALRIGHT ALREADY! How long is this foolishness going to go on? Read more of those comments from the WHUR contest website.

Some of the hosts in the contest have included weekend personalities Marc Clarke, Troy Johnson, Nikki Strong, and Michel Wright. Former DC radio personalities Olivia Fox and Alvin Jones as well. They've tried the syndicated Doug Banks Show with De De McGuire, and comedian George Willborn. Personalities from outside of the D.C. area include Baltimore resident Randy Dennis and Atlanta resident Frank Ski formerly of V-103.

Frank Ski, a former radio host in nearby Baltimore, was very popular with listeners, but said in the AJC blog Access Atlanta, that he "wasn't really seeking a job during his week-long "tryout" at WHUR-FM in D.C. (a few weeks ago) ...he was "just helping them out." Since Frank Ski's on-air appearance in D.C., he has landed a weekly TV commentary segment on a local station in Atlanta on 11Alive's morning news called "I'm Just Sayin'." Frank Ski owns a restaurant in the Buckhead section of the city and has a foundation that among other things sponsors a youth football tournament and trips abroad for youth to places like South Africa. He is truly ensconced in the Atlanta metro area.

So who is the favorite? Only management knows. And only management knows how long the contest will continue...... Seems like everyone has had their chance to be apart of the contest except one popular former DC radio personality. Donnie Simpson.

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