January 27, 2017

Ben's Chili Bowl Removes BILL COSBY, President Obama and Donnie Simpson from Mural

The mural outside the U Street-Washington, D.C. landmark eatery Ben's Chili Bowl not only featured Bill Cosby, but also former President Barack Obama, legendary radio host and Majic 102.3 afternoon personality Donnie Simpson, and The Godfather of Go-Go music Chuck Brown.

The restaurant known for the half-smoke received much criticism for leaving the picture of Cosby intact amidst assault allegations against the comedian. The Ali family, which owns the restaurant founded by Ben Ali in 1958, said the ongoing Cosby scandal was not responsible for their decision to remove the mural. “It wasn’t about that,” Sonya Ali said. “We thought the weather has beaten up that mural over the last five years. This is a great time to refresh.”

The wall which has been painted over and white-washed is polling customers on who should go up on the wall next. Not surprisingly former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have become favorites. However a sort of heart broken Donnie Simpson has taken his name out of contention and says "let's give somebody else a chance" for the 4 to 6 faces that will go up on the wall. Donnie talked to FOX 5 last night about "the wall."[Interview Below]

Donnie also said that the morning host on his station Majic 102.3 (Russ Parr, who is among the list of nominees), should not go up on the wall as well. Perhaps there is some previous bad blood between the two. Watch below.

FOX 5 Reports:

NBC 4 News WRC-TV Reports:

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