May 14, 2018

Urban One Sells Praise 102.7 and Launches The Detroit Praise Network

Urban One, Inc. today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to sell the assets of one of its Detroit, Michigan, radio stations, WPZR-FM (102.7 FM), to Educational Media Foundation, of California, for total consideration of $12.7 million.

As part of the deal, Urban One will receive 3 FM translators that service the Detroit metropolitan area, and these signals will be combined with its existing FM translator to multicast the Detroit Praise Network. The closing on the sale of WPZR-FM is subject to customary conditions, prorations and adjustments, including approval from the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). Urban One expects the transaction to close shortly after final consent from the FCC.

Urban One CEO Alfred Liggins stated: “This is a good deal for Urban One, as it enables us to monetize an asset at a very attractive multiple, while at the same time allowing us to continue to serve our community of listeners who value our new Detroit Praise Network of stations.”

UPDATED 8/12/18 

Praise 102.7 is now on four low powered FM stations in the Detroit Area

Urban One Gospel “Praise 102.7” WPZR Mount Clemens/Detroit is officially no more as the format has completed its move to a network of four translators.

Detroit Praise Network 93.5 98.3 99.9 102.7 K-Love WPZR WDKLThe “Detroit Praise Network” consists of three translators acquired by Urban One in the sale of WPZR 102.7 FM to Educational Media Foundation:

93.5 W228CJ Detroit, 93.5 W228CU Riverview, 98.3 W252BX Detroit and the previously owned 99.9 W260CB Detroit. The four signals combine to cover most of Detroit and its surrounding suburbs. Programming will originate from 105.9 WDMK-HD2.

One programming change will have the Mildred Gaddis talk show move from 10am-12pm on WPZR to Sunday mornings on sister Urban AC “105.9 Kiss-FM” WDMK. Gaddis will also take on the additional role of Community Director for Urban One Detroit.

With the $13 million sale of WPZR to Educational Media Foundation, listeners tuning in to 102.7 FM will now hear the “K-Love” network consisting of Christian Adult Contemporary music with the new call letters WDKL. Gospel/Praise music is now heard on 93.5, 98.3, or 99.9 FM.

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  1. All 4 stations has a lot of static. Will that’s signals ever get boosted up. It’s very hard to listen to the stations.

    1. As of today, all four stations still have a lot of static. When will this issue be fixed so we can listen to good quality music. Very sad that the issue hasn't been fixed yet.

  2. Very true, they need stronger signals,

  3. The new stations are terrible cannot listen.

    1. Radio One Detroit hope is to have their listeners to download the app. Most listeners at this point don't view their phone as a radio.

    2. This is pathetic. Why inconvenience your listeners in such a way? Your phone is not a radio, it's primary function is a phone. There are just so many things wrong here but you know that, so I will digress.

  4. I get nothing but static, and I am only 30 miles north of Detroit. I'm upset!

  5. The unfortunate truth is... in a primarily African-American Market being City of Detroit... where 85% of the market listeners are 150% above the state poverty level... and 102.7 Praise Detroit was the primary platform the down trodden turned to for uplifting and inspirational Gospel which speaks to the very core and spirit of the City of Detroit. An inspired people... is an empowered people... and empowered people... bring about change! The almighty $ Trumped The Almighty God! Don't get me wrong... I Love KLOVE! However, how do you legitimately justify bringing in a station "California Based", that does not in anyway speak to the "Soul" of the listeners the same as Gospel Music? This is one person's opinion...

    1. Preach!
      The prince of the power of the air tightens its grip on the throat of the down trodden. But God will break the cords and bands of wickedness once and for all.

  6. All four stations are making some weird creepy noise. Is this issue being resolved?


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