June 20, 2019

Rudy Rush Quietly Transitions From Smooth R&B 105.7 to DeDe in the Morning

Rudy Rush has moved over from doing mornings on "The Morning Rush" at Urban AC “Smooth R&B 105.7” KRNB in Dallas to the syndicated DeDe In The Morning at sister station K104 104.5 (KKDA). Rush was paired with Claudia Jordan on KRNB for a local morning show. Both stations are owned by Service Broadcasting where George Cook is the Operations Manager.

The move by Rush to K104 has not been been given much fanfare or promotion by the station. He been on the show for close to a month. There is no mention of Rudy Rush joining the show on their website. Rush had previously worked with DeDe a few years back as part of the syndicated Doug Banks Show. He also hosted Showtime at the Apollo from 2000-2008.

Rush has replaced Michael Shawn on the show for the comic relief and commentary segments with Lady Jade. Shawn has been on extended leave.

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Rush joined Smooth R&B 105.7 last September as the co-host of its new morning show called "The Morning Rush" with Claudia Jordan replacing The Steve Harvey Morning Show. He previously hosted afternoons at iHeartMedia Urban “93.7 The Beat” KQBT in Houston.

Claudia Jordan hasn't missed a beat however and continues to host The All New Morning Rush at KRNB with her producers serving as co-hosts. Here she addresses a serious topic on her show.


  1. Did Michael Shawn get fired.where is he?????

  2. I miss Michael Shawn on the show he was so funny.

  3. Michael Shawn stated on his social media page that he will be returning to "DeDe in the Morning" this month.

  4. So Glad Mike is back....I just wish Rudy would leave now. He is NOT funny.

  5. I like Rudy! He is funny to me! I just wish he would talk more. I guess its kind of hard when Michael Shawn is in self competition to keep his job.


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