October 17, 2020

Pittsburgh's WAMO-FM is Moving Again This Time to 107.3

After almost a decade of playing Hip-Hop on 100.1 FM, WAMO is moving up the dial to 107.3 FM on Monday, November 2nd. The station is promoting the move as a better signal.

The station has changed its frequency over its existence as a voice of the Pittsburgh Black community. The original WAMO at 105.7, then to 106.7 in 1996 no longer exists as it was sold by the Sheridan Broadcasting Corporation, a Black owned company that is now known as AURN, the American Urban Radio Networks, after a merger with Unity Broadcasting. WAMO FM was sold in 2009, along with WAMO 860 AM, and 1510 WPGR AM. The Black programing was dropped by the new owners in favor of a Catholic religious format.

The reincarnated WAMO is now owned by Martz Communication and has no connection to the original other than in name. The fallout of the sale of  the original WAMO at the time was great in the Pittsburgh community.The station existed originally from 1948 to 2009.

The WAMO branding returned to Pittsburgh airwaves in 2011 as an AM station at 660 AM with a FM translator at 100.1 FM playing Hip Hop.

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