November 13, 2021

The Breakfast Club is Coming to an End, Hey Wait... That's NOT The Reason They're Not on Revolt TV

DJ Envy announced on a recent show that the syndicated morning show The Breakfast Club would no longer air on Revolt TV. (This announcement sent shockwaves through the industry.) During the announcement Angela Yee thanked the producers and staff over at Revolt. Looks like Charlamagne didn't have anything to say. The cable problem headed up by Sean "Diddy" Combs has been airing on Revolt since 2014. "Wait...it sounded like Envy said it's Revolt's Last Day..."???

Then we start reading the comments in this IG post looking for shockwaves. Didn't really read any. Most of them were on point.  

Then we heard this on YouTube!

Yo my mans. Look at the top of the page. The show is right there! It's on the iHeartRadio app. It's on YouTube. Of course things change. Competition changes. Audience's preferences changes. All the time. But did you know that besides Charlamagne The God, Angela Yee, and DJ Envy's other ventures; they have contracts with iHeartMedia that will pay them for the next five years to perform a radio show. Then maybe at that time The Breakfast Club will come to an end. But for now they ain't... going... no.... where.

When Revolt TV launched in 2013, it was in need of programming in order to grab eyeballs to their channel. At the time bringing in their cameras to a radio studio and airing The Breakfast Club's content was a cost effective way to bring an audience to the channel.

But It's now 2021.

The biggest change since 2013 is monthly paid subscriptions to streaming content be it video or audio. Spotify, Apple Music, Patreon, Disney+, HBO Max what ever it may be is where it's at. In terms of Hip Hop content think Joe Budden, Rory and Mal, Million Dollaz Worth of Game, or Drink Champs. You get it first through a streaming service then on YouTube.

The popularity of The Breakfast Club was never built on the Revolt TV's platform. Revolt was hoping to jump start its channel with the guests The Breakfast Club could bring to their channel. This is simply a reset for Revolt TV and a time for them to reallocate money into other areas in programming. Their budget doesn't allow them to spend money in places where people can SEE The Breakfast Club on YouTube for free. 

If Revolt TV is going to be successful they are going to have to develop exclusive programming. 

Again people who want to WATCH The Breakfast Club will find a way to do so without really missing out on not seeing it on Revolt TV.

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