September 16, 2022

Forced to Play Slow Songs, Rickey Smiley Complains About Not Being Able to Play Hip Hop on His Morning Show

Rickey Smiley decided to complain to management, but not really to management directly about the music he is forced to play on his show. Call it passive aggressive if you like. For any listener that thinks the "DJ" gets to play whatever they want to play, here is an example of how reality and listeners' perception are not the same.

The above segment is what listeners heard on his show on the air. The segment below has Rickey openly complaining about the slow jams/quiet storm type songs he is forced to play on his morning show. A lot of research goes into what listeners hear on the radio and what songs might appeal to the core demo of women 18-34 and 36-54. Women who are taking kids to school, going to work, and go to church on Sunday.

Research says they don't want to hear Hip Hop on their way to work. PD's around the country are fearful that Hip Hop music played on a morning show will turn off those women listening in their car. If they change the dial in the morning, the likelihood they will return to that station in the afternoon are minimal. 

Rickey has a real problem here, although the segment came off as light-hearted and funny, the discussions about this issue behind closed doors and off camera are definitely much different.

We, like Rickey, like The Pharcyde and Jay-Z, but we're pretty sure the station gets changed to another preset. Immediately.

Rickey here is our suggestion: Play the songs you like on your phone when you're off mic. The harsh reality is this: You're not paid to play the songs you like. You're paid to be funny and you do a damn good job of it.  

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